Couples Latin Partner Dance Classes

Click here to join our email newsletter and be notified of the next session of partner dance classes and in person events.  We do offer private lessons for wedding parties, couples and those with a dance partner.  For private lessons, click here.  Latin partner dance classes for beginner to intermediate students. All class location info will be sent to you once you register within 48 hours of your registration via email.


You must enroll with a dance partner. See special requirements below.


Class space is limited due to COVID. Register ASAP to secure your spot!


Payment is required in advance. Class passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.  When buying for two people, purchase two (2) class passes as it's $112 per person for this six week dance class session.


Special COVID requirements:


You must come with a dance partner, whether it’s a friend, spouse, family member, etc. You will dance with your partner the whole class. Masks must be worn the whole time you’re in the building and during the entire dance class. Please use the bathroom at home before attending the class to limit the use of the church's bathrooms.  You will be asked to sanitize hands upon entering the classroom. Any kind of flat soled shoes that move easily on the floor are encouraged.


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