Online Dance and Fitness for Kids Homeschooling

Our dance and movement based programs for kids are fun, experiential, and educational.

We focus on different styles of movements to connect the child’s mind and body consciously for better coordination, balance, and embodiment of the child’s physical energy.

Mindfulness, self-empowerment, and healthy self-esteem tools and mantra’s are sprinkled throughout every class.

Get those kids moving and grooving and help them burn off all that extra energy while at home in fun and purposeful ways!

You will receive four (4) 25-minute movement classes per month for your kids.  One movement class will be emailed to you per week. 

See our sample video here.

Fun at your finger tips, you can watch these videos any time of the day or night.  Once that month is up, you can register for four (4) more 25-minute movement videos for the next month.  It’s easy!

Videos will begin to be released on Monday March 30th, 2020.

Thanks for joining us and if you know of any other parents needing fun, educational things to do with their kids during their homeschool days, we appreciate your spreading the word!

With love, Sarah Haykel and Salsa for the Soul

*If you are having financial difficulties and would like to enroll in these classes, please contact us here.*