Veterans Special Dance Class Session

This 3 week Veteran’s session is perfect for beginners.

**If you are enrolling for two people, you must put “2” into the number of passes you’re registering for when checking out.**

It’s designed to honor you and your loved one through a fun, exciting, and empowering experience.

You must sign up with a dance partner, whether it’s a friend or a partner.  This will ensure that you’ve got someone to dance with each class.

Whether you want to learn how to partner dance, prepare for an upcoming event or wedding, have some basic partner dance experience, or want to brush up on your foundation and technique, this class is right for you!

Really, all we’re learning to be great partner dancers is really about being able to be in healthy relationships in our lives with ourselves, others and life itself!   

Are you ready to learn how to be a great partner in your life and have fun in the process?

You are encouraged to attend all three sessions, as they build off of each other.

This class has room for 16 people, so please consider your commitment when booking as this means you will be securing two of those spots.  If you’re not sure you can commit to every class, please consider enrolling at another time.