I am tired.

I partook in a ropes course today with work mates.  It was our early holiday party.  It was AWESOME!

When I got home, after carrying heavy bags into the house and getting ready for an event tonight, my shoulder suddenly went tweaky.

“Ooo, ouch, what is that?”  I thought to myself.

I thought in my new coachy way of inquiring, “This must be for some reason.  What is this pain trying to tell me?”

“Rest, relax.”

Ahhh, OK, right.  Heavy bags.  I mean, my mom is ALWAYS saying, “You are going to hurt your shoulder carrying those heavy bags all the time.  Grandma used to always say…”

It’s true, my body wants me to drop the heavy loads and take a break.

Rest I will.

I am committed to going through my purse tomorrow and REALLY clearing it out!  I want a smaller purse that I can’t fit EVERYTHING in to!  

What are you willing to let go of to lighten your load?

And when are you going to do it?

Want accountability?

Let me know!


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  1. sjkennedy72

    My body was telling me enough of the heavy weight-lifting and am grateful I’ve found an alternative using resistance bands for a thorough, low impact, high output full body workout!


    • Sarah

      Nice Sean, I am interested in trying those. Maybe sometime!

      • sjkennedy72

        come out to a class Wednesday eves, first one free!


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