Rock -N- Republic’s

Tonight, as I was folding up my 2nd ever pair of Rock-n-Republic jeans, putting them away in the closet for another day, I was struck by how worn they are and how they are holding up.

I wondered, “Will these ones get holes in them like the other pair?”

Instant twang in my heart, ugh, oh, “the other pair”.

Europe, Guy & I, shreds of jeans after a year and 4 months.

I LOVED those jeans.  I bought those jeans at Marshall’s for $80, at Marshall’s!

Now you might be saying, wtf, is this a Marshall’s ad or something?

No, it is not.

My point is the mind, nostalgia, how a simple pair of denim sewed together to fit me so well can mean so much, can draw up so much energy, love, feelings, emotions, memories.

Ugh, those R-n-R jeans with the green stitching.  I wore those things to pieces, almost, literally!

And now I have a “new” pair of R-n-R’s.  They are more durable now.  I have probably worn them more than the other ones in almost 2 years with no holes, still fit great, still look great albeit a little worn out.

What is it about that: the perfect fit, the perfect size, the right shape?

They feel good on.  They are like a staple in my wardrobe diet.  I never want them to go away and I know, someday, I will have to let them go.  But will I EVER find another pair of jeans to fit me so well?

It’s like the clothing swap I went to tonight.  I brought a pair of standard washed jeans that I have had for YEARS!  I don’t really wear them anymore, yet I was hesitant to throw them in the pile of clothes for the taking.  I asked the jeans, “Where do you want to go?”  I heard, “Take me home.”  Then I heard, “The pile.”  I thought for an instant, “If I have the courage to let them go, I could be opening up space for something better to come in!”

I decided to act with courage.  I let them go, threw them over to the jeans pile.

About 10 minutes later, I heared my sister saying, “What do you think about these jeans?  I like them.”

I looked and to my surprise, and not surprise, she had on the jeans I had just dropped onto the pile moments before.  “I put them there!” I said.

She laughed.  “No wonders they fit so well!”



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