Salsa for Life: Relationship Building, Life Skills, and Character Development for Youth in Grade Schools though University Age

As a Teaching Artist, I’ve been working with youth ages 5-25 for over a decade.  Bringing art, dancing, free form movement, and mindfulness meditation into schools, after school programs, summer camps, and conferences continues to be a great joy to me.

In 2008, I began Salsa for the Soul, a business I created to utilize the art of Latin partner dancing as a tool for healing in personal relationships: both within ourselves and in our relationships with others.

Based on the idea that “salsa is a metaphor for life,” I realized in my own personal growth and developmental journey how much I’d learned, healed, and transformed through the art and language of Latin partner dancing.

This is what I want to share with you through a Salsa for Life workshop.

Salsa for Life is designed to facilitate:

  • Greater self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem,
  • Connection with self, life and others
  • Deeper levels of trust in yourself and your abilities
  • Confidence in relationships
  • Comfort in and with the body
  • Clarity in assuming and identifying responsibilities and roles in a relationship
  • Encouraging a fun and healthy activity, while learning some thing new and challenging

Working with kids and adults in the art of Salsa partner dancing is a dream come true.

Click here to contact Sarah and book your Salsa for Life workshop.  Sarah will come into your grade school, college, university, community center, after school program, private event or business location to facilitate this dynamic, fun, and transformative workshop.

10 youth educators filled out surveys from a session in Salsa for Life, which I facilitated at the annual Young Audiences of W.N.Y. Patricia Cotsen Arts Abilities Conference in November of 2013.

Of those 10:

100% felt they acquired new and important information

100% felt it affirmed what they were already doing

90% felt they acquired new insights that will help them improve their practice

30% felt it supported common core


“It was more than dancing.”

“I appreciate the great instructor.”

“I found new experiences and opportunities for not only my students but for my staff and my self.”

“I teach pre-K, they love to dance!”

“I found an awesome, dynamic person who opened my mind to a new offering for our students.”

“I appreciate this teacher, Sarah.  She’s incredible and an excellent communicator/teacher.”



Click here now to contact Sarah about bringing this exciting workshop into your school, workplace or special event!

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