I had a 10 million dollar nap today.  I took a million dollar walk the other day.  It was a Sunday and the most perfect Fall day here in the North East of America.  The sky was deep shades of purple grey.  You  know, that heavy Fall sky. It was breezy and like 68 degrees fahrenheit.  I took my time, followed my guidance every step of the way.  It was slow and enjoyable, no rush, I knew just where I was going.  I walked around a village worth MILLIONS of dollars and I am a part of it all!

There was a time where I saw everything as separate.  I used to get so frustrated at the restaurant I worked at when it appeared that other people were getting sat more than I was.  

I used to feel so frustrated.  

One night, I was practicing some internal techniques around viewing others as my “partners” in my life.  At the beginning of the night when I noticed a feeling of tension between the host and I, I silently said to myself, “You and I are great partners.  You are my partner.”  She did not even “know”, at least consciously, that I was saying this to myself, setting this intention, though I tell you, the energy between her and I shifted completely that night. 

I also remember later that night connecting with the energy of everyone in the restaurant: guests and staff.  I was practicing viewing us all as interconnected.  I saw light, white, translucent energy rays between us all like a big, giant crisscross pattern around the restaurant.  Then I saw all of us in this together.  This was no mistake that we were all there at that moment together.  I looked around at the other waiters and I noticed that everyone’s money wasn’t “their’s” it was all of ours, it was EVERYONE’S.  I thought, “The money that server is making in her section isn’t just for her, it is for all of us.”  I imagined all the money we were making that night was being put into this giant pool of abundance.  All the money went into it and all the money went out of it.  It was an infinite pool of abundance and we were all a part of it!  It belonged to everyone not just to the people who appeared to “have more” than others.   

After that night, something shifted in me.  I never felt as frustrated as I used to feel about an imbalance in the seating chart or “not having as much” as the others. I just chose to see it differently.  I anchored into a deep center of trust and you know what, I actually made great money in the following weeks.



What’s one perspective you are ready to shift?  

When are you willing to do it?

How will you know you are changing it?


I want to know.


Share below!

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  1. sjkennedy72

    Beautiful example of shifting beyond duality to see the unity in life! A perspective I am presently shifting is being alone does not equate to loneliness, for we are never alone within an interconnected Universe surrounded by all of life in its variety of forms, both seen and unseen.


  2. Sarah

    Hi Sean, thanks for posting. Can I ask you a question about “loneliness”?


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