Self-Acceptance and Its Benefits!

Have you heard of this spiritual phenomenon?


Dear Reader,

Something I’m learning a LOT about right now is something that’s been very difficult for me to realize over the past nearly 20 years!

It’s that big, looming thing that some of you may be very good at already and some of you, like me, may not be so good at after all!


Yup, I said it, well wrote it!

What is SO hard about self-acceptance? What’s so hard about loving and accepting myself in this moment?

Well, I could go on for hours about this, but I’d like to talk solutions in this blog post!

One of the most empowering things in Life is to accept myself for who I am. Accept whatever I’m feeling, whatever thoughts go through my head. Just accept myself in this moment.

What stops me are all kinds of things, but basically fear. What am I so afraid of? Well, that’s a good question and one I’m inquiring about right now, as I write this!

And, I recently took this awesome online course with Kim Eng called Resist Nothing. It was powerful and showed me how much I was in resistance throughout the day: resisting my own thoughts, emotions, sensations, situations, other people’s behaviors, emotions, etc.

The most powerful thing that came through this course was the realization that when I can notice that I’m resisting something in the moment (the awareness can come in many ways, but one signal that I’m resisting something might be that my body feels tense in the moment), the noticing leads to something glorious and like golden light inside my physical body.

It’s called acceptance. And, not just acceptance, but self-acceptance.

What a huge relief that all I really need to do is ACCEPT MYSELF and this leads to so many cool things: freedom, joy, peace. The list goes on.

So, my questions for you today are…


Empowering Questions:

How do you know you’re resisting something? What clues you in? Write a list, so you know what to pay attention to!

What happens when you know you’re resisting something and stop to notice this?

How does this change the way your body feels, the way you feel emotionally, your thoughts?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Post your comments below!

I really want to know!


Sincerely and take care on this journey of self-acceptance,


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