Snowflakes falling

Today I stood outside in the late afternoon, white-yellow sunlight, which glowed behind soft clouds in a most beautiful, light snowfall.  I looked up close at the flakes landing on my car and marveled at the intricacy of their shapes!  I stood out there for moments wondering what my parents next door neighbors would think if they saw me out there peering closely at my drivers side window and the door of the car as new flakes fell constantly, trying to see the best shaped one!

I tried to walk away a couple of times, but something just kept me there looking at these amazingly formed flakes of snow.

I noticed how the ones landing on the window would begin to melt quickly because of the heat of the car.  There was a most delicate shape and it would fade into water in just seconds.  The ones on the side view mirror would sit there in their beauty effortlessly on the cold, metal exterior of the car.

The quite, the silence, the soft silence of a soft snowfall.

Ahhh, bliss,



I wondered at how each individual snowflake is SO beautiful and how each one piles up to create huge piles of snow.  Gosh, I never really thought of that before.  All those piles of snow, that we sometimes curse, are comprised of billions, maybe trillions, of tiny, intricate, delicate snowflakes, each as unique as the next.

When I left the house after dinner, I asked my Mom if she ever looked at snowflakes up close, as she closed the door behind me.

“Yes,” she said, “When I used to teach pre-school we’d look up close at the snowflakes.  Did you know that each one has 6 points and is unique?”

She closed the door behind her as I peered at the mailbox to see if I could spot a few good ones.

Walking out to the car I looked at the layer of freshly fallen snow under a bush by the side of the house. It was as if each flake was gently laid there by hand randomly.  They were softly and gently sitting there without a bother in the world.  Just there.

I praised the abundance of softly fallen snowflakes that lay at my door step when I arrived home.

Yes, the abundance of snowflakes.

Thank you for the abundance of snowflakes.

Thank you for the abundance.

Thank you.




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