Sustainable Living Resource 2: Reuse Old Clothes as Wipes

Reuse your old clothes as wipes


Now, this may seem like a no brainer, but seriously, what do you do with that old tank top, those old leggings, that old shirt or pants that have finally kicked the bucket?


You know the ones: they’ve lost their shape, they’ve got a hole, or several holes in them.  They are just not wearable anymore, no matter what!  


Well, I’ve got a simple solution, one which you may have thought of or employed before: reuse old clothes as wipes!  Just cut up old, unwearable clothing into scrap rags and wipes and use them around the house.


Over the past two years or so, I’ve reused old tank tops and leggings and to wipe down my cell phone every night, with a non-toxic disinfectant: white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide mixed together.  After each use,  the wipe goes into the clothing hamper and gets washed to be used again.  


Can you think of all the paper towels and facial tissues you can save by reusing old scraps of clothing?  And, how much $$$ will be put back into your pocket that you can spend on something more valuable?


A couple of years ago, I found some old bed sheets in a box that were not usable any more.  So, I cut these hugs sheets into small squares of fabric to be used for cleaning and wiping things down around the house or on camping trips.  I use them all the time and just wash them after each use!  


These steps are simple and can help cut down on extra waste in landfills and save you money from buying single use paper products!  



And, any clothing that you don’t want anymore, but is in good shape, you can donate to a local thrift store or charity, or resell at a second hand store and make some money!


Empowering Questions:


What one piece of clothing is ready to kick the bucket that you’re going to reuse as scrap towels and wipes for around the house?


How does it feel to reuse products that you formerly would have just thrown away?


Here’s to you and our dear, New Mother Earth!

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