Sustainable Living Resource 5: Composting!

Today’s sustainable living resource is all about composting.


Now, truth be told, I don’t compost at home and I don’t have all the information you’d ever need to know about how to compost, but I’ve included a link below to give you all the details you’d need to know to create a composting system at your home! And, although I don’t know the in’s and out’s of this sustainable resource, I do understand some of the benefits!

Since I was out of college, I’ve found places to dump my kitchen food scraps so they can be turned into healthy soil for growing things.

Composting is an easy way to keep organic, biodegradable matter, like kitchen food scraps, out of landfills so they can break down into something highly valuable for our gardens and plants.

Click here to find out more about how to compost and its benefits.

For composting at home, all I do is keep a small bucket under the sink with a biodegradable bag in it. Throughout the week, I put old tea bags, soiled newspaper or brown paper bags, vegetable scraps, moldy bread, egg shells, fruit peels, old rice and beans, etc., into the bucket. You can put almost anything into the compost except for meat, dairy products or bones and a few other things! Click here for more info on how to compost at home!

About once per week, or so, I take the compost to a local urban farm that has compost bins outside and dump it.

When I get home, I clean the bucket out and put a new bag into it. Then, I start composting all over again.

This simple step brings me such pleasure knowing I am doing a little part to keeping beneficial, organic material out of landfills and putting it to use for something as valuable and healthy as nutrient rich compost for gardens and farms to grow healthy fruits and vegetables for us to eat!

It feels so rewarding just taking this little step every day.


Empowering Questions:

How does it feel to live in more sustainable alignment with the earth and the products you use?

What’s good about that for you, your family, community and the whole world around you?

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