The Difference Between a Traditional Blessing and Namaste

I used to look at people at bless them as I walked or drove by them. I would imagine what their life was like or what they were going through by how they looked, the energy I got from them or from their body language.

This year, something seemed to change about that. It seemed out of alignment, like I was feeling sorry for people I didn’t even know or somehow perceiving that my life was better than theirs or I was somehow in a better position than they were so they needed a blessing, and one from me nonetheless.

The other day in the 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey, Deepak invited us to silently “bless” everyone we meet or see by saying “Namaste” inside to ourselves, which shortly translated means “the spirit in me honors the spirit in you”.

I tried that a few times today after I noticed myself going into the “blessing” mode of feeling sorry for someone or perceiving them to “need” a blessing and I remembered to try Namaste instead.

This really changed the experience for me. Suddenly I did not feel separate from them anymore, like better or worse than, I was them and they were me.


How can this practice of honoring that which is in you in others support you to experience more peace in your life?

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Love, Sarah

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