The Empowered Empath

Being a sensitive empath can feel confusing, scary, draining and totally overwhelming at times. And...there's help!
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Building confidence and healthy self-esteem can be a journey.  And, with some simple, powerful tools of self-empowerment, mindfulness, and inquiry, you can begin to get your power back in your life and feel more confident in who you are.

The Empowered Empath

2-hour Workshop with Sarah Haykel

For over 20 years, I’ve been discovering and learning effective tools that help myself and other sensitive empaths recognize our gifts so we can stand up for ourselves, set healthy, clear boundaries and make clear choices that feel right for us because we have the tools to feel more secure, safe, and empowered in our daily lives.

Now, this didn’t happen for me overnight, and it wasn’t one set of tools that made it all work. But, the mindfulness tools I’ll teach you in this two-hour workshop, though seemingly simple, have the capacity to effect real, lifelong change in your life for the better. It’s all up to you and how you choose to step in, learn and put these tools to work!

As I’ve grown in my own self-confidence, inner security and trust in a Higher Power, I feel better in my life and can actually show up in my relationships in a way that feels good and empowering, where I feel free to be myself fully.

Would you like to feel more empowered and free because you feel confident and more secure in yourself?

By using these mindfulness tools, you can begin to see real change in your life and relationships. Do you want to feel safer in your own skin, have healthy boundaries that you can clarify with friends, family and co-workers and clarity about what’s yours and what’s not yours, so you’re not overtaking responsibility for everyone else’s stuff?

Do you want to have more fun in life because you feel free to be yourself?

 If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, the tools you learn in this workshop can give you a great starting point to cultivate the confidence, inner security and clarity so you can live your life as an empowered sensitive empath!

Now, I’ll be honest with you, there is no guarantee that life is going to be perfect. Actually, I can tell you, it’s not ever going to be perfect, without flaws or bumps in the road. But, what about learning tools to help you be resilient in the face of life’s ups and downs so that you can manage it effectively, communicate clearly and be self-responsible so you feel more empowered in the day to day bumps?

How will it feel to know you’ve lived a good life doing your best, being self-compassionate and actively creating your dream life because you have the clarity and tools to do so?

These tools, though learned many years ago, come in handy nearly every day. They could be the most effective resources I have in my empaths tool belt. I can live a more joyful and fulfilling life as a sensitive empath.

Learn these simple tools through mindfulness to empower you as a sensitive empath by clicking the button below. This LIVE, online workshop is limited to 27 participants only, so jump on this opportunity now to work with me LIVE on Tuesday, August 11th. I’ll be teaching, and there will be some bonuses thrown in as well!

Join this exclusive two-hour online workshop (limited to 27 participants) and come ready to learn, grow and evolve as a sensitive empath.

The invitation to BE, arrived from a fellow namesake and vessel of light — Sarah Haykel. Working with Sarah, in her capacity as Free to Be Life Coach, over the course of 3 months awakened, inspired, and activated my joy for living in ways that I have not known or felt since childhood.

Sarah M. C.

Sarah’s Journey

Life coach and fellow sensitive empath, Sarah Haykel, first discovered she was an empath while working with her first life coach, Julie Cramer, back in 2009-2011. As a highly sensitive empath, life felt super confusing, overwhelming and daunting. “How do I have healthy relationships, feel empowered in my day to day life and have the courage to speak up, be myself fully and contribute authentically to this life so I can have fun while I’m here?,” she often thought.

Over time, and with patience, diligence and commitment, she learned powerful tools of self-awareness through life coaching, mindfulness and more that helped her feel more secure within herself, confident in the world and empowered in her life’s work and relationships.

Sarah learned effective, powerful tools that she put together in a process called Free to Be: a powerful six step process to support you to feel clearer, more empowered and liberated in your life, your relationships and the work you do through mindfulness and more.



















WOW!!!! Your book is gorgeous and what an easeful entry to
this world of consciousness!!!!!!!

Jeneth Blackert

The Empowered Empath

Join this two-hour workshop and learn the tools that can help you feel more clear, empowered and free in your life as a sensitive empath. Click the button below to register now. Only 27 participants accepted for this special workshop. There will be time for Q & A during the call where you get to ask your questions LIVE with me, and maybe be coached during the call!

Just imagine the difference you’ll feel in your relationships with your loved ones, the confidence you’ll feel at work, and the security you’ll feel within yourself when you have healthy, effective tools to live freely as an empowered empath.

Sometimes it can feel scary to slow down and take a break. But, you know inspiration strikes when there’s an open space

Sarah Haykel

The Empowered Empath

Being a sensitive empath can feel confusing, scary, draining and totally overwhelming at times. And...there's help!
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This workshop is not a substitute for therapy with a licensed professional, medication you may be taking or other mental or emotional health treatments you may already be receiving. If you’re not sure whether this workshop is right for you, contact your mental health professional to discuss the appropriateness of this with them.

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, please call Crisis Services at 716-834-3131 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.