Coming Home to Myself

I always wondered why I felt so off balance in times when things were tough or conflicts arose in relationship or I woke up just feeling the blues.

Why was this SO TOUGH.

While reading The Magnolias West Blog, I got something.  She spoke of being grateful for being sober for so many years, that she could actually enJOY her life instead of trying to escape it 24/7.

I thought of myself running away, waking up in the middle of the night literally running out of bed in a panic, not sure where I was going, a teenager in my parents home.  I thought of all the times I escaped my body by sending my energy somewhere else, into someone else’s world, with them, why not with me?

Now I am learning to live inSIDE myself, inSIDE my body.

How does this feel?  It feels GREAT!

When I realize I am self-abandoning again, going outside of my body with my energy, I remind myself of the Greek Goddess Vision that came to me many months ago that reminds me to fully embody myself and woop, there I am, back inside my body.   It’s amAAAzing what conjuring up this image alone can do for me in a split second!  THANK YOU GODDESS!

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling blah, poopy, hadn’t felt well the night before and didn’t sleep well either, up on and off.

Suddenly, I realized I was not in my body and I had to be!  “This feeling for SURE will evolve as I come back home to me,” I thought.

Yoga, I must do a few Yoga poses to connect within my body again!

And there I did, 3 poses, noticing my breath, intentionally breathing into different parts of my lungs and body as I stretched.

Ahhhh…sweet relief, sweet homecoming, back home again!

I don’t know what was SO PAINFUL about being here in my body, but for most of my life I have NOT embodied myself.  I haven’t even know HOW or why I wasn’t embodying myself!

How do you bring yourself back home in a life affirming way?

What’s important about embodying yourself fully?

How can embodying yourself enhance your contribution to the world?

I want to know!  Please share comments below or post on my facebook page:


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