The Power of Being Here Now and Enjoying It!

“The process of getting there is the quality of being here” – Sarah Haykel


This quote came through me many years ago and is SO TELLING!  


Every time I see it scribbled on a bright pink sheet of paper on my desk, it’s a great reminder to be HERE now and see how HERE is feeling in the moment because that’s how I am going to experience everything else!

For YEARS I used to fantasize about the life I wanted, including the business, the home, the relationship, the kids, the family, etc.  But, I was always SO stressed out about it, working my ass off to make it happen!  


Little did I know, well I did know because this quote came through me many years ago, that how I was experiencing the here and now was going to dictate how I felt on the way towards, and then achieving, my goals.  


I know it seems a little like a riddle, but it’s true: the process of “getting there,” wherever “there” is, is the quality, what it feels like, being here right now!  


I mean, I couldn’t say it any better than this!


Boom!  Thank you God for these insights!


Empowering Questions:

What’s the quality of “being here” in the moment feel like to you most of the time?  Is it enjoyable to be in the moment, hard, frustrating, challenging, stressful, fun, relaxing, peaceful?  

How does being in the moment feel to you emotionally, what are the beliefs that are predominantly running the show, what are your work habits and play/fun habits, self-care habits, spiritual habits?  How do you “run your life?”


Getting clarity on these questions can help us see how we are experiencing “being here” right now.  Because, although I think my life will be better when I have that much more money, that mate I’ve been wanting all my life, that car, that house, those kids, that vacation, the truth is, wherever I go, there I am.  So, how am I?  


Share your comments below!  I can’t wait to read them!


And, please share this if it inspires you.  Thanks!

With Love,

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