There is no “mine” or “yours”

I just had a big realization.

There is no “mine” or “yours”


There just       is


Recently I was contemplating: how do I know a feeling, energy or emotion is “mine” when I sense it in the moment?  It could be the person I am sitting with, it could be that person over there’s, it could be a collective consciousness experience.

How will I ever know whose energy it is, whose thought it is?

I was just sitting in the bathroom, yes, a place where lots of insights come forward, thinking about a conversation I was having with a friend today.  I said a little something like this:

“Well, I don’t know if I am feeling my excitement or your excitement, but I feel excited to see you.”

Upon pondering that exchange I realized, how could it be that the excitement was no one person’s and just was in the moment?

And then, what’s possible when I can allow things to be without attaching ANY one person or “mine”, “yours” or “theirs” to that energy, thing, or experience?

What do you think?

Post your comments below and share this with two friends you think may find it inspiring!

Love and Goodness, Sarah

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