They know

There is something about vulnerability coming up.  I am writing about an experience that I felt very uncomfortable about and I notice this awareness that someone, without me verbalizing what I felt uncomfortable about, could actually know exactly what I am talking about through intuition.

This led me to remember how many times I have tried to “hide” the way I am feeling, especially when I feel attracted to a man, because I don’t want them to “know” I am attracted to them for different reasons because then I will be vulnerable and vulnerable means “not safe”.

Vulnerable means not safe?  Since when?

Oh, “When I expose myself to others vulnerably, they can “use” that information “against” me to hurt me, essentially,” is the response I get inside.

OK, so there was something important about protecting myself at some point from being vulnerable because being vulnerable meant that I could be hurt physically, mentally or emotionally.

Oh, this could even mean Spiritually or sexually too.

So this is a lot to be uncovered now.


What comes up for you around vulnerability?

How important is it to be vulnerable in your life?



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