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How life coaching changed my life!


In 2009, I began working with a life coach for the first time.  Julie Cramer, formerly of The Balance Point in Rochester N.Y., had worked with others I knew and came highly recommended.  As I was going through a major life transition, having just finished a year abroad, started a business and left a marriage, I knew I could use support navigating life’s ups and downs.  

The work I explored and experienced with Julie came at the right time and taught me many things.  Most importantly, I learned that I was empathic: highly sensitive to the energies, thoughts, emotions and desires of those around me.  I learned how to listen to my body and discover the lessons, messages and information my body and it’s sensations were trying to tell me so that I could heal, be better informed, and make clearer, more empowered choices in my everyday life. 

Julie also helped open my eyes to the fact that I could see energy that was around me, latching onto me or within me.  This awareness allowed me to let energy clear from me, discern what was “my stuff” vs. someone else’s “stuff” that I was feeling or sensing into and make clearer choices guided by the intelligence of my physical body and intuition.  

One of the most important lessons I learned from Julie, though, was that no matter what, I am cared for.  I’d never been confronted by this question before, but Julie was the bringer of it and it’s inquiry changed my life for the better.  She asked me one day, “Even if I didn’t care for you, would you know that you are still cared for?” 

I must’ve looked sideways at her, stunned by the heart of this question.  It’s clarity cut through the emotional, codependent haze that I was still largely living in.  That’s when I knew that no matter what, no matter how anyone treated me or whether people liked me, wanted to hear what I had to say or believed in what I was doing, I was, and am, always cared for, always loved and I belong here just like everyone else!  

It’s amazing how these relationships in our lives can transform us in ways we didn’t even know possible.  

I thank Julie for the important work we did together and I encourage you to follow your gut and trust your instincts.  When you know it’s right to start working with a life coach, therapist or other helper, what steps will you take to make that happen?  

With Love, 

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p.p.s.  Need more resources?  Head over to the coaching page for ways you can continue your healing journey.

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