Wanting, needing, grasping.

What do all of these things have in common?

The illusion that something that I want or need is not actually happening or present in the current moment.

What is the want or need trying to fulfill?

Love.  Deep love.  Connection with Divine.

How can I ease these “wantings”?

Realize that all I want and need is right here within me.  Search inside first and then see it in the outer world.

But, what if I want to reach out to someone and say Hi?  Get some connection that way?

It is a choice.  There is always a choice.

How does it feel when you do this?

Ahhh, that is the clencher.

And then is the way I feel an old way of feeling or a new way?  Is it fear or love?

Things get very cloudy here.

What’s next?

Move forward.

Which way?

Get real with yourself.

OK.  I am real with myself.

What’s next now that I am real with myself?

Ask yourself, what is the next step and see what you say to yourself.

What is the next step?


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