Warmth of a friend

An old friend called me tonight.  It has been a while as time usually goes by: one, two or three months, sometimes more, before we talk again.

I forget about my good, old friends sometimes.  I get so wrapped up in my day to day life.  The other day I was watching Rick Steve’s with my parents.  He was in the South of France.  They showed the busy farmers market in Aix en Provence and there was a little, plump, old, French woman organizing her trays of fresh eggs.  I said to my parents, “Isn’t it amazing that someone like that exists right now in this world?!”  My dad looked perplexed.  “I forget sometimes that there are other things happening in the world and people like that little, old woman!”

When I saw my friends name pop up on my phone tonight I felt so excited.  Yes, she is calling me!

We spoke for a while and she told me some incredible stories about a recent adventure.  I noticed as we finished our conversation a warmth coming over my heart like glowing warmth around my heart.  That connection, that love.  How can I forget this?  It is like sweet, warm milk.  It is like honey, so sweet and tender, so real and for me and us, all for us to savor.  It is like the sweet breath of a loved one saying hello after a long, hard days work.  It is like so many precious things.  

I am so grateful that we got to talk tonight.  My world just got a lot bigger again.  Sometimes it gets so small when I get so into what I am doing, here, and that is all I can see.

When you step outside of your immediate surroundings what do you see, what do you feel and who do you think about contacting that you haven’t spoken to in a while?  

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