We are All one

When I notice someone saying they “want” something or “need” something or they “miss” me, I get curious about what they mean.  I do this for myself too and especially, right now, I am curious about what that means when I “want” something.  it is as if I am already implying that I don’t have that thing.

I wonder this when I want to say or I hear others say “I miss you”.  What does this mean?

I remember when I wanted to say “I am going to miss you,” to my dear Soul Brother in Cuba, I wondered, hang on a minute, that means I feel like I “need” him for some reason, like I am missing something without him.

This is very curious for me because I do really believe in relationships.  Like in Feminine Power, a class I took with Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward Thomas, they say, “It is through our relationships that our greatest potentials are manifest.”  Yes, it IS true and that INCLUDES our relationship with ourselves as well as life and others.

So…what am I missing when I say I “miss” something or someone.

I think I am missing a part of myself.

What about you?

When you find yourself saying this “I miss…” what are you really missing?

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