What Have I Got to Lose?

What Have I Got To Lose?


“What Have I Got to Lose?”  is a song that came through a groovy reggae bass line I’d heard in a dream the morning of March 31st, 2020.


I wanted to create a song from this bass line and ended up singing out lyrics that eventually didn’t match the awesome bass line I’d heard.  However, with the magical and musical expertise of reggae musician Carl Harvey, we co-created an awesomely groovy, fun and uplifting track to move our body’s and uplift our spirits!


This song was a COVID inspired song about pivoting in a new direction, due to the great COVID Pause, and choosing to go for our dreams, even in the face of fears and uncertainties!

What have YOU got to lose? is a song that inspires us to be better and live our fullest lives for the greater good of all!




And, a BIG, thank you to Carl Harvey for the great music he produced, and all his input and guidance through this process.  And, thank you to Fred Betschen for the great mastering.
Most of all, THANK YOU TO GOD, where this music and inspiration comes from! Hallelujah!
CLICK HERE to listen to the new reggae song, What Have I Got to Lose?

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