What I Learned From Jeneth Blackert

What I learned from Jeneth Blackert


Dear Reader,

Back in 2012, I was learning from several online business and life coaches and mentors. Jeneth Blackert was one of them.

Jeneth was an interesting coach and mentor, working with different modalities, like Access Consciousness, that she was learning at the time.

One of the most important questions I learned to ask myself from Jeneth, and which became a part of the Free to Be 5 Step Process, was “Whose energy is this?”

As a more empathic person, sometimes I can pick up on and feel like other people’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, energy, intentions, desires, agenda’s, etc, are mine. It can happen so quickly without me even knowing it. Then, later that day or whenever I get conscious to the fact that I may have gotten hooked by someone or something else’s energy, I ask myself this question:

“Whose energy is this?”

Then, I wait and listen for the response.

When I hear the response, I might check in with myself again by asking the question in a different way, such as, “Is any of this mine?” I wait and listen for a response from within.

If I hear that none of it is mine, I get quiet and watch the energy leave my body in my mind’s eye.

If I hear that some of it is mine, I ask, “How much of this is mine?” or “How much of this is theirs?” I wait for the answer, then I let go of any energy that is not “mine” and I own or completely take responsibility for the part that is mine. This way, I can hold what’s mine and let go of what’s not mine.

It’s an interesting practice and one that I still use to this day!

Another amazing question Jeneth taught us, from Access Consciousness, was “What am I refusing to get here (in any situation that’s troubling you) that if I got, I would be free from this (whatever it is that’s got you hooked or troubled)?”

This is an empowering question that can bring me to the heart of the matter in seconds and give me clarity about how I’m responsible for my own peace in myself and in my life!

Self-responsibility is key here.


Empowering Questions:

What happens when you ask yourself, “Is any of this mine?” when you’re feeling anxious, angry, upset, or “triggered?” When you hear, “all of it” or “none of it” or “some of it,” how does that feel to the trigger? Does it release it, make it feel stronger, dissipate it at all?

What’s important about getting back into your power when you feel triggered? How does your being in your power affect yourself and your actions, those you’re around every day or those you work with?

I look forward to your responses below!

Share in the comments section and get this conversation started!

Sincerely and with Love,


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p.p.s. Need more resources? Head over to the coaching page for ways you can continue your healing journey.

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  1. Jeneth

    Awwww…. thank you so much for the post! I love it so much! Jeneth

    • Sarah Haykel

      Awe, thanks Jeneth, it’s SO awesome to see your post! Thanks for your response! I hope you’re doing well these days following the energy of Life, God, The One! Love and Aloha Nui Loa, Sarah Peace!


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