What I Want

My sister and I walked along the table filled with baskets and wrapped gifts.  “Wow,” she said, astonished at all the give aways at our friends baby shower.

We looked over some of the baskets.

“I’d take that one or that one,” as she pointed to a basket with body care products and another basket with movie items like popcorn boxes and DVD’s.

“I’d take that one,” I said half jokingly.  It was a blue lined basket with two identical mugs, a bag of mini marshmallows and two boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa.  It felt warm, comfortable and fun to me.

I had to leave the baby shower early for work and asked Laura to listen for my number to whether it was called during the raffle and to collect the gift that I won.

Later that evening, work was busy when the woman running the coat check came over to me and said, “Your twin sister is here and she wants your car keys.”

“Hugh?” I though to myself.  “Why does she want my car keys?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” the young woman replied.

Eventually I got around to grabbing my car key and saw my sister at the door.

“I want to put something in your car,” she said.

“Oh, it must be something from the baby shower,” I remembered.  “How sweet of her.  She didn’t want me to know what it is!  She wants it to be a surprise!”

Several more hours went by.  My sister had eaten and left the restaurant.  I finished work and was walking out to my car in the brisk cold of this March 2nd night.  I opened the door and popped my purse onto the arm rest in between the seats.  Immediately I saw the gift basket on the passengers seat: the basket with blue lining, identical mugs, a bag of mini marshmallows and two boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa.  I laughed as I sat in the car noticing she had put the special Rasta cupcake in one of the mugs, which I had saved from the baby shower to eat after work, and my party favor, which had my winning number on the bottom, “2”.

I replayed the scenario in my mind from earlier in the day when I said that I wanted that basket.

“So is this a sign Universe?  Does this mean I get everything I want?”

A little fear and concern ran through me.  Well, I want to be sure about what I want!

My other question is, Who is the other mug for?  Who will I share these two boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa with and the number “2”.  Seems to symbolize partnership.

What do I want?  And, how clear am I about it?
What do you want?  And, how clear are you about it?


Love, Sarah



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  1. sjkennedy72

    Beautiful and timely story Sarah, have been giving more meaningful contemplation on partnership again now that the dust has settled from my divorce earlier last year. We always get what we want, if only we are willing to receive the many gifts showing up in our lives day in and day out.


    • Sarah Haykel

      True Dat Sean! Today I received the gift of the softest, most beautiful snowfall ever and stood at my car looking at all the deliciously beautiful snow flakes landing, so unique, so beautiful! It is AMAZING that all these uniquely intricate and gorgeously amazingly designed pieces of nature-art make up the big piles of snow we see with our wider eyes!

      Love, Sarah


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