Words from a mug

“Relax Deeply, Dream Big, Believe with ALL your Heart” are the words on the tall cream colored coffee mug I bought at the dollar store last year after I returned from Cuba.  The Padrino communicated that the Spirits told him I could offer a cup of water in a high place to the Saints and Spirits if I wanted to.  I didn’t have to do anything he was suggesting, of course, just if I wanted to.

I wanted to.

So upon my return, I set out to find the right mug for this task.

I went into the dollar store, somewhere on the west side, and looked at their mugs.  I don’t believe I was actually there to buy a mug.  I was there to buy something else.  But, there I was, in front of a bunch of coffee mugs with inspirational messages.

The first one that stood out was a  mug with a deep red interior and a cream colored exterior.  The words on this mug were something like “Love, Joy, Peace” or “Love, Sing, Dance”.  When I saw it, I instantly perked up and thought, “Oh yes, this one!”

Then I looked over and I saw this other one, cream colored, with a mustard yellow interior like butternut squash soup.  Not exactly the most fun color in the world.  It actually reminded me of something else…I won’t talk about it here.  But, I decided to give it a chance.  I read the sayings on the surface of the mug:

“Relax Deeply

Dream Big

Believe with All your Heart”

Hmph, that’s different.

It didn’t quite resonate.  It was a stretch.  Those sayings were not my “go to” sayings in my positive moments.  Those were Love, Peace and Joy, you know?  Dancing, singing and laughing.

When I read this two toned cream and mustard colored mug I thought, “Yah, yah, this is the one.  I am going to try this out.”

“Relax Deeply

Dream Big

Believe with ALL your Heart”


Boy, have those words given me some solace this year.


How about you?  Do you stretch into the next way of being?  What does it feel like?  What is your “go to” place and what are you stretching in to?

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