Ditch Your New Years Goals

Dear Reader,

It may be time to ditch your New Years Goals! But, before you do, read on!

When New Years comes around, you may feel like you have to set goals, sometimes impossible seeming ones.

The experts say to create lists of all of your to do’s or things you want to get better at.

Then there’s that year in review: flesh out your previous year and what you learned, where you may have missed the mark and where you succeeded.

For years I’ve done those things and really enjoyed them, although, sometimes they felt laborious and scary to have to go through all that stuff from the previous year, again (what if I missed something?), or what was I going to focus on for next year (and how would I actually stay focused enough to get it done?)?

That’s all good stuff, if it floats your boat and brings you joy!  For many years I did these things, until COVID.  Then, I just chilled the *f* out and let it be!  

Last year, I didn’t even create a New Years goal list or did a year in review.  I just let it go. And, it felt peaceful. Spacious. Harmonious.

Now, ditching your new years goals may not be for everyone, but it may be for you if you’ve found yourself stressed out over the past several years buring the candel at both ends, striving, trying and still not getting where you want to be. It may be for you if Life is trying to get you to slow down, do one thing at a time, have more fun and rest more to recoupe from your constant stive and then burn out cycle. It may be for you if, no matter how hard you tried, you still haven’t met certain goals or “achieved” what you *think* your hreat longs for!

One thing I do like to do, some times, is open up to a word that the New Year is all about. This is a simple tool, nothing too fancy or time consuming!

I just open myself up to the right word for the New Year.

When you sit with your Higher Power or meditate, or whatever you do to get centered in the moment, what word comes up for you about your New Year?

It’s simple, easy and could be just one, or a few, words!

What’s your word for this New Year?

Now, if you find that you’re typically a slower paced mover, a procrastinator or find it hard to self start, you may need some motivation with a goal list or a year in review to track your progress. I still actually find these to be very valuable tools. For me, though, letting go of the goal list and finding myself in this moment is waaayyy more enticing these days!

I wish you well and a Happy New Year!


Sarah E. Haykel 

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