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Hi, my name is Sarah.

I coach, teach and train awakening, creative and heart centered people, like you, to create their dream lives and feel empowered while doing it.  With effective self-awareness and mindfulness tools you can navigate life’s natural ups and downs with strength, authenticity and grace through one-to-one life coaching, online courses, mindfulness tools, embodiment practices and creative expression.

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Essential mindfulness tools, life skills and mindset shifts that empower the awakening human to breakthrough any challenge with grace, humor and strength.

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Hi, I’m Sarah

Welcome to a place where you can discover who you are.

Learn effective tools to move through any challenge, and build a life and mindset you love! As a life coach, artist and teacher-trainer, I help empower you to break through challenges by healing from insecurity and build an inner strength that gives you the confidence and resolve to be yourself and share your gifts to uplift the world, no matter what!

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WOW!!!! Your book is gorgeous and what an easeful entry to this world of consciousness!!!!!!!”

Jeneth Blackert, Real Raw You

Sarah Haykel's new eBook is a fire starter in the world of personal transformation. She's put together a simple five step process with practical tools you can use anywhere. Who doesn't need support in going from reactivity to choice? Read her book and be transformed.

John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur On Fire

I think what you have is an amazing gift. I can feel how you connect and the way that you’ve been guiding me along my own path, but you do it in a way that I feel like I am in the driving seat. It’s been really beautiful and just the most amazing experience

Sarah Frederick, Attorney

I have had the pleasure of attending multiple workshops with Sarah both dancing and mindfulness! She is simply amazing! You feel a sense of peace and confidence in her space and it is evident she knows what she is talking about. What is even more impressive is that she lives what she preaches! I highly recommend Sarah for any dance or mindfulness workshop.

Gliset C

I attended a meditation class that Sarah provided for our Employee Wellness Week...and it was wonderful. As an RN, my day is fast paced and sometimes too busy to take a moment and just breathe. Sarah explained tools to use that will help with stress in the work-place and most importantly to help us remember to listen to the needs of our body and our mind...remembering to take the time to be still and just center myself has helped me tremendously at work.

Grace, RN

Thank you for the Key Note presentation at the closing our festivities during our Nurse’s Day celebration 5/13/14. The topic “Free to Be: Body Centered Awareness” was a perfect topic to finalize our day, which was focused on calming the inner self. It was refreshing to hear such a powerful message from such a young, insightful, and passionate woman. Your energy was infectious! The feedback from the entire group was positive. Again, thanks for sharing our day.

Linda M. Markel, RN Liaison

The Haykel Method


Through various modalities including life coaching, movement, partner dancing, meditation, mindfulness, creativity, yoga, somatic awareness and connection to a Higher Power, you will discover who you are and how you want to show up in your life. You’ll gain the freedom needed to explore yourself, your core values, the old beliefs that are driving your behaviors and the new beliefs you’d like to embody. You’ll be invited to connect consciously with yourself:


You’ll explore new perspectives and learn the power of reframing your thoughts. You’ll heal from old trauma.

You can create “earned secure attachment” within yourself, so that you feel secure in yourself and in your life, no matter what.

And you’ll create a “life worth living,” where sharing your gifts is natural as you leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Sometimes it can feel scary to slow down and take a break. But, you know inspiration strikes when there’s an open space.

Sarah Haykel

I am here

The time is now.

Now is the perfect time to pivot in the direction of your greatest dreams. I motivate and empower creative and empathic people, like you, to build the life of your dreams by cultivating inner security so you can confidently share your gifts to enjoy your life and make this world a better place.

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