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Healing comes in many different ways and there are so many different resources.  What about remaining open to the right tools for you?  For instance, I’ve been working with a trauma therapist for a couple of years and I started spiritual coaching last fall, which has enhanced the work I’m doing in therapy!  Keep going and healing on your journey. You just never know where the next big insight and revelation will come from! Sign up below to get more resources.


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Here are some resources

Steps I’ve taken, and resources I constantly share with others, on the path:


1994 Melodie Beattie’s book, The Language of Letting Go, Daily Meditations for Codependents.


1996 House Made of Dawn, a novel by N. Scott Momaday


1999 Sara Ban Breathnach’s book, The Simple Abundance Journal of Daily Gratitude


1999 Dariel Woltz Expressive Arts Therapy and Yoga for Scoliosis


2001 The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies


2006 Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power Of Now


2009 Sara Ban Breathnach: Simple Abundance, 365 Days to A Balanced and Joyful Life


2001 The Omega Institute for Holistic Studies


2010 Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth


2010 The Feminine Power Course, for their brilliant, evolutionary work in the awakening the feminine


2011 The Alexander Technique


2011 Landmark Education: The Landmark Forum


2012 Leadership That Works for their amazing coaches certification course, Coaching for Transformation


2012 Nonviolent Communication, for their great framework in having healthier conversations


2014 Open Sky Yoga 200hr yoga teacher training with Francois Raoult


2014 Reconnecting with God through an inner city baptist church, True Bethel Baptist with Preacher and Bishop, Darius Pridgen


2014 Marie Forleo, for business and life tips and great interviews with thought leaders on Marie TV and B School


2014 Dawn Katar for uplifting, inspirational Channeled Messages


2014 Danielle LaPorte for her work in The Desire Map and how core desires feelings can guide us


2015 An incredibly relatable book, The Journey Home: The Story of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels, By Kryon (Spirit) and Lee Caroll.


2015 Rev. Deborah Johnson’s book, “Living the Sacred Yes, Affirmations for Action.”


2018 Healing Trauma Therapy Retreats using EMDR, parts work and talk therapy. Highly recommend it!


2019 Don’t Keep Your Day Job podcast episode with Danielle Laporte


2019 Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolles 10 part podcast series on Oprah’s podcast Super Soul Conversations, going through the book, A New Earth.


2019 Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to Be Me


2019 Spiritual Coaching with Dante Washington


2021 Dr. Richard Schwartz’s No Bad Parts and the Importance of the Internal Family Systems Model

Live in harmony

Earth Impact.

Living in more sustainable harmony with the earth became a passion of mine early in 2019.  Always an earth advocate, I never fully realized my own impact, in small and large ways, on the planet and people.  Not sure what triggered it, I began to notice the behaviors in my life that created unnecessary garbage in the world or contributed to unsustainable practices like using single use plastic utensils, single use water bottles, plastic bags, buying fast, cheap fashion from companies that have unethical labor standards, etc.  This began a shift in my everyday purchases and choices that continues to evolve to this day.  

When we take care of our own “backyard,” the world is a better place.  We all know this to be true!  

Below is the beginning of a list of ways I’ve started to live more sustainably, using less plastic and products that are more earth and people friendly. 

If we live for ourselves only, our lives are bereft of true legacy. But when we live in the presence of our ancestors, we also live for our descendants. To feel concern for the future is to bring a piece of eternity into the present and let it guide us.

Mary Christina Wood

A healthier, happier world

Ways to go Less Waste:

Composting at home all natural, organic products to become soil for the earth!

Eating the food that we buy, instead of throwing it away!

Carpooling, walking more and riding our bicycles to go places.

Soap nuts: naturally occurring nuts in nature that act as detergent for washing clothes and are biodegradable. 

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