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Dance is a metaphor for life.

Dance is fun, healing, and transformative.

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Online and In Person Group Latin Partner Dance Classes

Elder Care Fitness, Mindfulness Classes and Performances

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Couples, Wedding Parties & Groups

DMM: Dance, Mindfulness, Meditation Workshops

For groups and retreats.

Latin Dance Classes, Performances, and Lectures

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Alyshia and I just want to say thank you so much for teaching us how to salsa. You taught us something that we will use for life!

Frankie R.


Contact me to talk more about your specific needs.

Specializing in yoga for scoliosis, influenced by Elise Browning Miller, and gentle and restorative yoga, influenced by the Iyengar style, I work with individuals to create a simple, effective, gentle home yoga practice.   Whether you have scoliosis or are elderly, and want a gentle yoga practice, we can design something for you online to suit your needs.   Employee wellness programs are also available online and in person.

Sarah is amazing…These lessons were better than relationship counseling and really allowed us to reconnect and relax with each other.

Daphne W.

How I got started

A journey through dance.

At 16 years old, I found dancing.  After going through a traumatic time, in my early teens, I began to give a shit about life.  Doing well at school became a priority and trying at life became a sincere desire.  

One weekend I was introduced to a rave party, where they played electronic music all night long.  Never having gone to one, I didn’t know what to expect.  But, what I found was life changing.  My jaw dropped as I watched dancers move their body’s in such inspirational, creative, exotic ways, that I had never seen before.  

I started to move, explore and express myself to music through dancing.  My new “drug of choice,”  I’d dance all night long, completely sober, “high” off of the music and the vibes.  

Unleashing myself like this was incredibly healing.  As a child I was taught to dim my light, quiet down and not be myself.  Dancing out my anger, extra energy and expressing myself fully, no matter what, became a self-help and healing tool I still utilize to this day.  

As my exploration through dance evolved, I was drawn to reggae skankin’, hip-hop, breakdancing, West African dance, classical dance, Latin partner dancing, free form movement meditation, the ecstatic dance of Gabriel Roth and The 5 Rhythms, Kizomba, Zouk Lambada and more.  Always a free-stylist at heart, learning and creating choreography became a passion as well.

Dance is fun and I love it!

Dance continues to serve as a central tool on my healing and self-reclamation journey.  I’ve learned more about myself and healed more as a human being, in my relationship with myself, life and others, through dance, than through most any other modality.  It’s a powerful tool for self-realization, healing and inner growth.  And, it’s tons of fun!  That’s why I still love dancing to this day: learning, healing and growing through it.

Shout outs

These lessons were better than relationship counseling and really allowed us to reconnect and relax with each other

Alice C.

Alyshia and I just want to say thank you so much for teaching us how to salsa. You taught us something that we will use for life!

Frankie R.

If you’re considering a private lesson with your partner- just go for it! We had so much fun we didn’t even realize how much valuable insight to our relationship we were gaining- plus our first dance was PERFECT and we’ll cherish the pictures and videos of it forever. Thanks Sarah!!

Tara Nelson

I am the audio tech for an entire school district and I’ve seen plenty of presentations in my time but none as engaging and all around fun as Salsa for the Soul! They had the entire school (including faculty) up and dancing as they learned the steps in real time. Highly recommend them.

Russ F.

Salsa for the Soul and Sol y Sombra came to Hilbert’s campus during our Multicultural Dinner and rocked the house. Students, Staff, and Faculty had a great time learning about Latin culture while listening and dancing to the music. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking to engage their campus community with fun and education.

Dr. Tara J.-G.

Salsa for Soul’s class is so invigorating and friendly that it transforms the day for our seniors. Very few experiences…can engage seniors both physically and emotionally…Thanks for bringing such vitality to our seniors’ days!

Mike T., Associate Director of Human Service Programs

Dance is a metaphor for life. Everything we learn on the dance floor, to be great dancers, can be applied to our lives so that we can live healthier and happier lives, and have great relationships!

Sarah Haykel

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