Art that inspires us

to remember who we are.

As an artist and creative channel, I allow God to work through me to inspire myself and others. The work below is intended to fill you with beauty, love, creativity and inspiration! Click the button below to see the work.

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By Sarah Haykel


Custom artwork

Each piece is one of a kind.

Last summer, in 2019, I made the choice to start working with clay again. This choice has brought me a solace, a felt sense of rightness, that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Now, I’m creating wall hangings to inspire you through empowering phrases and beautiful images.

Check out my Instagram feed @inspirationalartbysarah to see some of the current art I’m creating.

You can also contact me here to create your own custom phrase or image as a beautiful wall hanging.  Corporate commissions available.  

Follow me on Instagram to see updates of new ceramic artwork in real time!

Create Your Own Custom Artwork

Want to design your own piece special for you or your loved one? Click the button below to fill in the custom artwork form and tell me more about what you’d like to create together!

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