Our Mission

Creating a better world for all.

To support an environment of inclusion, reciprocity, clarity, honesty, care and fun through dance, art, music, life coaching and more.  We encourage students to tap into their own creative genius and expression through various life skills and mindfulness techniques.  We celebrate diversity and cultivate an environment of caring honesty and empowered self-reflection to fuel better, healthier relationships and more harmony in our own lives and the world for generations to come.  

Our Core Values

If we live for ourselves only, our lives are bereft of true legacy. But when we live in the presence of our ancestors, we also live for our descendants. To feel concern for the future is to bring a piece of eternity into the present and let it guide us.

Mary Christina Wood

Our Core Values

Respect: To show respect for and be respectful of self, life and others regardless of race, identity, preference, religion, economic status, skin color, gender, orientation, age, beliefs and culture.  

Integrity: That we do what we say we are going to do and when we don’t, we recognize this by communicating to take responsibility and restore our integrity in the work that we do.

Love: To show care for ourselves, others and life, to the best of our abilities, through how we conduct our business, interact with others, the earth and life itself so that we can serve in the best ways that are the most beneficial for all involved where we all benefit.  

Inclusion: To be welcoming to those who want to learn, heal and grow through our work regardless of race, religion, gender, preferences, identity, etc.  (We may have courses just for women, men, couples, etc., at times where they will not be open to all, but geared towards the people we are aiming to serve.  We also will have offerings that are free or lower cost for those with different budgetary allowances, as well as high-end programs for those who wish to engage.  We will always strive to offer a scholarship for a high end program to at least one individual each time we launch a high-end program). 

Contribution: We are committed to offering what is of the most value for all involved in all that we do guided aligned with an inspirated by GOD, as we perceive this to be.  

 Our Commitment

How we are committed to change.

We are committed to offering services and products that uplift, empower, inspire and challenge all of us to be honest with ourselves and others from a place of love, self-responsible from a place of empowerment, lovingly self-aware and self-reflective in ways that heal and transform our perspectives and beliefs, empowered in who we’re being in all of our relationships, secure in ourselves, and confident being the gift we’re here to be.  Our goal is to offer the unique gifts we’re here to bring and cultivate a space where you can share your unique gifts with the world so that we all can be a part of the healing of ourselves, each other, planet earth and life itself.  

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