Free To Be Online Course

Imagine life like this

Imagine yourself feeling confident, at ease, secure when you’re with your family, your significant other, your friends, while at work, while in the car driving, while traveling, when learning something new, in a room full of strangers. 

See yourself smiling effortlessly at others and receiving their smiles too, genuinely being happy, content with yourself.  The confidence and self-assuredness that you feel helps you feel grateful for who you are, confident in your gifts and talents, knowing you have something awesome to share in this life.  You’re not above others, you’re with others and your brightness helps lift others up to shine theirs!  

You’re making a difference just by being who you are: yourself!

Imagine how you’ll handle a situation when someone rolls their eyes at you, walks away from you when you’re in mid sentence, tells you there’s something wrong with you.  

See yourself observing these situations curiously, from an empowered standpoint: present, aware, able to take the information in.  You know, if you misstepped, you can learn from the situation, make amends, and take full responsibility for your actions, without beating yourself up.  You allow yourself to be human, make mistakes, learn and grow just like anyone else. If you didn’t do anything wrong, you can heal from any hurt you may have felt, communicate with the other person to clear the air, if need be, and ultimately let it go.  

How freeing is that?  Ahhh, what a relief, right?  

And, you know how to stand up for yourself, ask for what you need and set healthy boundaries when necessary from an empowering place that creates more clarity and closeness for you and others.  

You know when to say yes.  You know when to say no. And, you know when to just LET THINGS GO! 

What a relief!  

Can you imagine how this will change your relationships with those you love too and with those you work with, manage, lead, or even with strangers you meet on the street or drive next to in the car?  

Imagine the difference in your relationships when you feel secure in yourself, confident to have difficult conversations, open to having fun and being who you are fully.  


What if things stay the same?

On the flip side, could you imagine what life would be like if none of this changes?  What your relationships or work life might look and feel like if it stays the same as it is right now?  

I mean, it might be passable, but are you willing to settle for passable?  

Do you know you’re worthy of living a great life?  And, can you imagine how others will benefit as a result of your committing to living your best life?  

Could you imagine something new happening in your life?  Something different, where no one else needs to change, it’s your changing that makes all the difference?  


The Real Deal

This is truly freedom, my friend.  And, I mean it!  

I’m on the journey just like you.  I still get triggered, feel out of my power, feel low self-esteem at times.  But, I use the simple steps of the Free to Be process to remember who I am: I am a part of and I belong here just like everyone else!  And, I use these steps to help me recenter, get back into the present moment, become the objective observer, take responsibility for my own stuff and let others stuff go!  

It truly is liberating.  That’s why I want to share this course with you.  


How it all works

The Free to Be Course will arrive to you in 6 Modules.  You can watch each module at your own pace, take notes with our pdf handouts, track your progress, and use the tools you’re learning here in every aspect of your daily life.  

The program is designed to be a self-study course, so you can take your time with it, revisit past modules at leisure, and move along as fast or as slowly as you’d like.  

This is designed as an introduction to this work and the tools spoken about within.  If you find yourself wanting more support or clarity, you can enroll in the deeper level course with online group coaching included.  And, if you would like more individual coaching on the Free to Be 5 Step process, you can fill out our application for one - one coaching.  

If you find that you’re struggling regardless of the work you’re doing on personal growth and development, and that you just can’t seem to heal some of the old patterns in your life or habits in reactivity, thought processes or belief systems, I recommend working with a professional, licensed, and well reviewed, therapist.  I’ve gone back to EMDR trauma therapy, over the past few years, to work through some of the past experiences in my life, too, that were holding me back. I’m happy to say that it’s working great, along with spiritual coaching, using the tools from the Free to Be 5 Step Process, and my own continued daily practice and exploration.  

It truly is all possible.  Are you willing to take that next step on your journey to live Free to Be your full self confidently and lovingly in your life?  


3 Tiered Plan

  1. 1st Layer: Free to Be 5 Step Process Online Course $47
    1. No live group coaching
    2. No private FB group
  2. 2nd Level, Going Deeper: Free to Be 5 Step Process Online Course PLUS: $97
    1. 1 Group Coaching Call per month for three months
    2. Access to a Private FB Group for Free to Be Members
  3. 3rd Level, Depth: Free to Be 5 Step Process Online Course DEEP DIVE: $297
    1. A one hour one - one coaching call with Sarah during the first month of your enrollment
    2. 1 Group Coaching Call per month for three months
    3. Access to a Private FB Group for Free to Be Members


100% Awesomeness Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the Free to Be 5 Step Process program, we will refund your money in full within 14 days of signing up for the course.  All you need to do is email us your reasons for not wanting to engage further in the course within 14 days of paying for the course to and we will refund your investment in full (refunds may take up to one month to receive).  


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