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5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Introduction and Intention

5-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Introduction and intention



Welcome to the Free to Be Online Class, where we take a deeper dive into the Free to Be 5 Step Process: Personal Freedom Through Mindfulness in 5 Powerful Steps.

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  1. Minerva

    I’d like to learn to be more present.

    • Sarah Haykel

      Hi Minerva,

      You’re in the RIGHT PLACE! How will being more present help you? Be specific, if you can!

  2. Minerva

    Being more present will help me with interpersonal relationships. Be a better listener rather than a ” fixer”

    • Sarah Haykel

      Yes, Minerva. Listening is SO important, AND there are so many ways to listen too, not just with our ears! What’s it like to notice the sensations of your body while you listen to yourself or someone else?

    • Orpheulia

      My intention in participating in this exercise is to live in my commitment to excellence in every interaction in my days with the myself, my family, and others. This looks like active listening, being present in the moment, being focused on the now.

      • Sarah Haykel

        Awesome Orpheulia. How can you make these goals even more specific? Make them really tangible? For instance, when someone comes to me with an issue, I will focus on my breath and listen to what they have to say with out interrupting. Then, I will respond by reflecting what I heard them say first before I share my thoughts or feelings about the situation.

        Is it helpful to look at it this way?

        Sincerely, Sarah

        • Orpheulia

          Thank you Sarah. That is super helpful. No matter how many experiences I have to recognize active listening, my overactive brain takes over. Again, thanks.

          • Sarah Haykel

            Awesome Orpheulia. It can be SO helpful to boil these larger ideals into actual specific behaviors, habits or tasks. I’m happy it helps!

            Thanks so much!



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