A Part of the Collective Upleveling

As I danced around the studio in Williamsville early this morning, with an intimate group of women, a thought came through my mind:

“I wonder who else is up at this time of the day doing their personal practices, Yoga classes, dancing/moving meditaiton?  Wow, where are all these people?  We are now doing this WITH them!”

I realized that we were a part of a collective upleveling of consciousness by choosing to start our day in an intentional way.

I was no longer in my room alone dancing around and whirling and twirling.  I was with a group of people and we were together with all the other groups and individuals beginning, ending or in the middle of our morning practice.

Together we were collectively creating space, peace and love on our pathways to our days.



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  1. sjkennedy72

    Every morning grateful for another day to experience this life. So nice bumping into you at Wegman’s. 🙂



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