Awaken Your Shakti: A Performance Celebrating the New Divine Feminine

Do you have a dream?  Maybe several dreams?

This is one of mine: to create a magical evening performance to celebrate the divine feminine energy that exists in everyone.  That beautiful energy that is healing, nurturing, empowering, loving, and aligned with life’s greatest desires for the betterment of ALL!  And to do this, to honor this movement, through sacred dance, spoken word, story telling, fire, and song brings me immense joy.

And, you know what, after nearly six months of contemplating and wondering and waiting, I am finally doing it.

Together, with eight other amazing people, we are bringing you Awaken Your Shakti: A Performance Celebrating the New Divine Feminine.

Come, join us…

A magical mid summers eve performance featuring Sarah Haykel, aka Salsa Sarah, Andrea Todaro, Aaron Piepszny, Ashley Vita Verde, Sophia Roberts, Vonetta T. Rhodes, and Mary Bliss, to celebrate the summers here and the New Divine Feminine that’s in each of us.

Come prepared for a special event where song, dance, and spoken word will embody the Divine Feminine in all of her amazing, delicious, and embodied forms.

Appropriate for men and women ages 18+.

Find us in the back yard (Indoors in the case of inclement weather) at SolRise Farm and Cultural Arts Center, 226 E. Utica Ave, Buffalo, N.Y. (Between Masten and Jefferson) for a delightful evening of connection with nature, art, and a new divine feminine energy.

Arrive at 7:45pm. Performance starts at 8pm-10pm with intermission.

$12 suggested donation
Bring a chair and a blanket to sit on.
Bring delicious snacks and treats to enjoy.
***Alcohol and drug free please***
Parking on the street please.

Go here to attend the event.  

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