Creating Space

Today, when I was told by the car mechanic that it was going to cost $688 to have my car fixed, I instantly noticed the stories I wanted to tell myself and created space.

I breathed through the shock of the information and into the space.  I realized that there are an INFINITE amount of stories I could tell myself about this.

I didn’t tell myself any at that moment.

The emotions came later.  This was a first step in a new direction, one that is RAPIDLY changing the way I view life.  

How do you create space in the moments when you want to throw it all away, give up, towel in the basket?

What holds you back from creating this space?

How have these old stories served you in the past?

So much Love, Sarah 


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  1. sjkennedy72

    Fear comes up when we encounter a helpless situation that we interpret as “negative”, and if we pause to consider the “positive” in these moments we may recognize a blessing in disguise diffusing the emotional reaction and keep on moving forward.


    • Sarah Haykel

      Hi Sean.
      I love this: “we may recognize a blessing in disguise diffusing the emotional reaction and keep on moving forward.”
      I also hear the “peace” that we can bring to ourselves by recognizing and becoming spacious enough to SEE and receive the gifts in these moments especially!
      Thanks for sharing Sean! Much Love, Sarah

      • sjkennedy72

        My pleasure, thanks for sharing your beautiful insights!

        Please visit my blog when you have a moment:



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