Dancing into Spring

Dance into Spring

Yesterday, I followed the energy I was feeling to drive up to Toronto for the final day of a Latin/African/Lusophone dance festival TBF.  Feeling a bit stuffy and run down, I kept telling myself, “I am healthy” and became as spacious as I could around all the stories I wanted to tell myself about the things I “should” do or the “what if’s”.  I trusted the energy and went for a ride.

Just a night or two before, I was at work and realized how touch deprived I was when my co-worker was playing with my hair and rubbing my back in a friendly way.  I thanked her and said, “Wow, that feels really good.  I guess I’m feeling a little touch deprived!”

As I drove up to TO yesterday, I wasn’t even thinking about this experience from the other night, however, as I began to engage in the Kizomba class at the dancing festival, I noticed how my needs for touch were being met in a platonic way that felt good and positive.  Another benefit of partner dancing!  Kizomba is especially special because it is literally like being hugged or hugging someone the whole time you are dancing and when the connection is right, it feels respectful, balanced, easy and love-full.

I also continued to co-create the experience I wanted yesterday by letting go when I sensed I was “trying” or “wanting” something to happen from a graspy place and, on the contrary, asserting myself more when I sensed myself stepping into an old pattern of  “being nice” by waiting in the background and giving people so much space that I was losing out on opportunities.

The balance was there and though I felt challenged at times, I kept following the energy, checking in with myself and my truth and moving through it all!

What does it mean to “follow the energy”?

Where are those moments in your life where you sit in the background and may want to come up more to the forefront?

Happy Spring,


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  1. sjkennedy72

    When you get the choice to sit it out dance…I hope you dance!!! : )

  2. Jacqueline Benedict

    Very beautifully written article!! Thank you so much for sharing such a mindful information!!

    • Sarah Haykel

      You are SO welcome Jacqueline! What really impacted you or stood out?

      Sincerely, Sarah


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