Day 5, 7 Day Song Challenge: It’s Wild like Fiyah Today!



OK, Wow, today’s song came out like FIYAH and the sound is really out of control, though I am sharing it with you anyways. Turn it down at the loud parts and up at the soft. It is raw, it is real, it is what it is.

Today has been a wild day of all kinds of energy present and I feel like this song expresses it all!

Click here to listen NOW!

If you were to sing and express what you are feeling RIGHT NOW, what would it sound like?

I invite you to try this for a moment and see what happens!

Share your comments in the section below the song and share this with another person who may find it inspiring!  

Stay tuned for day 6 tomorrow in this 7 Day Song Challenge! 

Thanks for listening!

Love, Sarah

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