Do more, be less

“Feel it, BE it,” she said to me as I felt the energy of what was coming through her towards me.

“I am trying,” is the voice that comes through inside me now, little, small, straining as if air is tight in the chest.

Be more, feel it.  “How does it FEEL to have accomplished your goal?” she asked.

Ahhh, yes, hand on the heart, warmth, golden light inside my chest, warm, relaxing, happy, free, relaxed.  Yes, I feel whole, here, being, that is all.

I put the DOING first sometimes.  I come in the back door, try to do the DOING to make a living.  I am a good dance instructor, I will teach dance lessons.  Not a lot of people showed up.  “I can’t make a living off of this!”  I felt so frustrated.  I thought I was doing what I loved.  The money will follow right?!  I got it backwards though.  I was doing what I loved FOR MONEY and it didn’t flow that way.  

I still notice myself slipping into this, though I notice when I DO something because I LOVE IT, it is not ABOUT the money FIRST, it flows and even though there are bumps in the road, it feels GOOD and it works in a way that benefits all.

Yes, this is what I align with.  FEELING IT, that which I want to manifest.  Being it, Be it!  Allow the DOING to come from the Being! 

Where do you find yourself Doing instead of Being?

How can you do more being instead of doing?  

What’s important about feeling it first, the goal achieved?

Thank you for sharing in this journey with me! 

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  1. Jacqueline X

    We are suppose to be!
    We are suppose to manifest just like our creator did when he said, “BE” and it ‘is’ (‘was’).
    How in the world did we allow others masked as humans to ‘teach’ us what we already knew from the creator? We did what the masses did… Herded along doing what others did!

    But Source has better plans for us! Divine Energy is shaking some of us up…. We are becoming leaders, and life couches, guides, and we RESIST that which is no longer serving us… We go within for recharge and building and gaining power… It’s the ONLY way… You can’t be disappointed in anyone but yourself when you realize that you can call your own shots, manifest your own realities, through great light and controlling your thoughts!

    Seeing things in your minds eye…THE HAPPY END RESULT! … SEE it there!… BE there!… FEEL it there!

    Then CHEERFULLY, KNOWNINGLY, and CONFIDENTIALITY await for it to show up….

    Jesus, our worthy servants words were sometimes mis-used, mis-interpreted, and mis- represented to the masses… BUT it is clear to the conscious collective… “ALL things are POSSIBLE to those who BELIEVE! and have FAITH the size of a mustard seed!”

    He said, ALL… He said BELIEVE… He said FAITH… THERE IT IS… Let’s go on about the business of BEINGS that we were created to be….

    • Sarah Haykel

      You Go Sista! I see you standing on the pulpit! Living your truth! : ) Amen Hallelujah!

      • Jacqueline X

        That made me LOL! In s good way…

  2. sjkennedy72

    Focus on the “what” you want to create and give it over to the Universe to provide the “how” or the vehicle. For example, I want to create loving relationships and so I must practice self-love, the Universe will deliver plenty of opportunity to love parts of myself I have yet to accept without condition.


    • Jacqueline X

      Hmm… The allowing the Universe to be the how vehicle has been my challenge…. Grateful for your response it is a good reminder after getting done with my morning meditation and nap… Thanks!

      • sjkennedy72

        Mitakuye Oyasin!


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