Do you believe everything you feel?

Don’t Believe Everything You Feel


One day, while at the bank, I was listening to Whitney Houston sing “How Will I Know,” on the radio, as the teller processed my business.

When the chorus came, I thought I knew the words, but then I heard what the background singers really said, “Don’t trust your feelings.” Did I hear that right? I thought I was supposed to trust my feelings. 

Then, the background singers said, “Love can be deceiving.” That’s when I got that “feelings are not reliable sources of information.” I could be feeling something for so many different reasons. And, a large part of what I feel is actually something that’s gotten triggered in me from the past, so how could it actually be a reliable source of information?

That’s when I began learning to discern what I was actually feeling. 

If you’re that type of person who’s “willing to try” something, just because someone else wants to. Or, you can be easily persuaded to go against your deeper knowing and wisdom to do something to fit in or please someone else, this is for you!

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Empowering Questions for Contemplation: 

If I don’t trust my feelings, what do I trust? What could be faulty about trusting my feelings, ie. emotions?

The discovery is all yours! Enjoy the journey!

Join the conversation by leaving a comment below.  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this subject!

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p.p.s.  Need more resources?  Head over to the coaching page for ways you can continue your healing journey. 

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