Do you have Healthy Boundaries?

I’ve been exploring healthy boundaries lately: sexually, energetically, personally, professionally, spiritually.  Wow, it really runs the gamut.

Surprisingly, I’ve been living with a lack of healthy boundaries in my life.

Setting boundaries was scary for me.

What would people think?  Would they still like me, want to be with me, work with me?  Would I offend “spirits” or “energy” by saying “No, thank you, you must go.”  Or, “No, I’m not taking that on.  That’s not my stuff.”

Can you relate?  I’m sure, if you’re reading this, you can in some way!

How have you let other people’s energy, desires, time, needs run your life, then felt pissed about it at the end of it all?  

How has fear of getting sick, getting stuck on someone else’s energy, getting left by a loved one, getting taken advantage of, run your life?  

I know for me, it’s been a long time.  And, I’ve gone from setting really strict boundaries to relaxing my boundaries so much I didn’t really have them.  So it has run the gamut for me.

Recently, though, I’ve realized how powerful setting healthy boundaries can be, in all areas of my life.  And, how much more empowered I feel as a result.

So, I want to have a conversation with you about what I’m learning, lead you through some simple, guided, body and energy centered awareness meditations, and walk away from our conversation more clear and inspired to take healthy action in all of our lives around setting and upholding healthy boundaries.

What’s so scary about setting healthy boundaries anyways?!

Setting healthy boundaries, both energetic and personal, can be a scary and empowering thing to do.  How clear are your boundaries?  Why?  Are they so clear that you put up a steel wall in between you and anything you come into contact with?  Are they so soft and fluid, undefined, that you’re finding yourself frustrated, scared, or disempowered when you “get into that same situation again?”


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