Do You Know You’re Wanted?


Do you know you’re “wanted” in life? Do you sometimes struggle to feel like you’re wanted? Maybe it’s that you want to know you’re wanted around, welcomed in a certain place or by a certain group of people. Maybe you want to know that someone actually likes you or wants you sexually, emotionally or physically.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve begun to carve ceramic wall hangings with inspirational images and quotes on them. A couple of times, I’ve felt inspired to write “I want you” on the wall hangings. Why, I wasn’t sure.

Were these phrases sweet, sexy sayings for couples meaning“I want you baby?” At first, I thought this was the reason. But, yesterday, I realized a deeper meaning.

How important is it for you to know you’re wanted? I recognize that’s all I want to know, that I’m actually wanted here in this life, or more specifically, there’s a part of me that wants and needs to know this.

Why’s that so important? I’m sure there are millions of articles and essays and some research on this topic, which I won’t share with you here. But, more importantly, how important is it for you to know you’re wanted and have a reminder every day of this fact?

Sometimes all we need is a little boost of confidence, a reminder of what’s true. Believe me, I forget these truths all the time. Sometimes parts of me don’t want to remember. They’re happier feeling miserable or sorry for themselves. But, there are other parts of me that want to know the truth about myself, Life and others.

That’s why I believe this phrase “I want you” came out to be carved on these ceramic wall hangings. Because myself and others need the reminder that we are wanted in life.

If this is you, check out the artwork here. Sometimes, a helpful reminder in our day to day life is all we need to feel better and know our worth.

Click here to check out this inspirational artwork.

With Love and Aloha Nui Loa,

p.s. Click here to see this inspirational artwork or to place your custom order and create a tile that speaks directly to your heart!

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