Energy Speaks Louder Than Words


Ohhh, this one is my favorite! This came to me one day many years ago: “Energy speaks louder than words.” I am telling you, it’s true!

We are all made up of energy, scientifically.  And, our body’s are constantly informing us of things, just through sensations and feelings.  

This is where I get to really feel something before I even “know” it’s happened or is happening.  

Someone may be saying something to you, but you are feeling something else.  How will you know and trust this greater knowing inside yourself?  


Empowering Questions for Contemplation: 

How do you know something is happening before it’s happened, or before you got to where it’s happening?

How do you know when someone feels right or doesn’t feel right to you? 

How do you know someone is lying or being honest with you?  How do you know when you are?  

What’s it like to tune into the energy that you feel and see what it’s saying to you? It’s all information! And, it’s an exploration!


Enjoy the journey!


Tell me what you think in the comments section below.  I look forward to reading your thoughts and feelings on this subject.

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