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Everything is figureoutable


Back around 2014, I decided to invest in Marie Forleo’s online business training for entrepreneurs, B School. 


Although I learned a lot about how to create a more successful online and in person business, I’d learn, last year in particular, that during COVID, this one phrase she used all the time was right on point!  And, this one phrase would get me out of many pickles and into a state of mind of empowerment and determination that I had not yet felt in my life up until the pandemic began last spring!


Marie constantly referred to something she’d learned from her mother as a youth:


Everything is figureoutable, Marie kept saying.  


Although I’d heard what she’d said back in 2014, I still found myself largely living in a state of panic, indecision and a frozen or avoidant state when I couldn’t figure out or didn’t know how to do something.  


Last year, though, I began to feel this new strength and determination within me.  And, this phrase, Everything is figureoutable became the title of Marie Forleo’s new book in 2019, so it was fresh in my mind when the pandemic hit.  


As I moved through the first two months of the pandemic in 2020, I was confronted with large and small obstacles: how to get my business up online fast, how to have great vocal and music sound when I was teaching online classes, how to have a good visual picture, how to make a website that converted, etc.   


There were so many things I literally did now know how to do.  But, I took on this phrase from Marie: Everything IS figureoutable.  And, what I found out is, IT IS!  


As I’ve moved through this past year and into 2021, I’ve discovered more challenges, particularly related to business, that I’ve figured out how to overcome by not giving up, but figuring out how to do them.  And, if I couldn’t figure it out on my own, I asked for help from people online, the manager at Guitar Center, whoever knew more than me about a certain topic.


So, how will you adopt this phrase?

And, in what area of your life will this phrase be most useful to you right now?  


Share your answers to these questions below.  I want to hear what’s going on for you!


With Sincerity,

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