Today, as I heard a peer coaching partner say something like, “Coaching is helping me become a better friend,” I got something:

Coaching IS helping me become a better friend.

I know how to hold people as whole and resourceful.

I know how to ask empowering questions.

I know how to self manage (working on this one more and more!).

I know how to listen with more than just my ears.

I know how to respond from truth within me that is arising in the moment and how to ask for permission to share this truth or just share it sometimes.

I know more now than ever what living in alignment feels like and trusting my intuition.

I know how to say no to what is not wholly what I want

and how to say YES to what IS wholly what I want!

Thank you CFT and Feminine Power and Julie Cramer and Laura and Dariel and Michael and Michele and Mom and Dad and Guardian Angels and Protectorate Guides and Spirits and ALL the other great beings of Love and Light who have and continue to light my pathway so I can see the next steps forward!



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  1. flourishingnow

    Beautiful! Giving thanks for journeying with you Sarah!!

    • Sarah

      You TOO Laura! I am SO Bless : )


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