Today I was sitting in the kitchen listening to my mom and sister talk about coffee.

I wanted to say something cheeky like, “You are so into your coffee.  Why are people so into coffee?”  An obvious judgment present from this mostly tea drinker.

Then I noticed, as I was looking at my mom, something looked different.

I noticed an energy coming into my sphere from the top left side of my self.  It was golden yellow in color and like light.  Suddenly, I became very open and peaceful.  I had no judgment and I was looking at my mom and my sister with delight, curious about their conversation and enjoying their presence there.  I was smiling inside and out.

After a few more moments, I noticed things starting to look as usual again and I “went back to normal”.

What does it feel like to be touched by grace?

How does grace show up in your daily rounds?

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  1. Jacqueline B.

    this gave me chills!… awesome word press… simple yet amazing all in one… off to meditate and get ready for a good rest… remember all electronics unplugged!… until we get our fancy blue blockers!…. lol! <3

    • Sarah Haykel

      : ) THanks for sharing Jackie! I am interested in the idea of no electronics in the room aside from my cell phone/alarm clock! Maybe I can get a digital alarm clock!

      • Jacqueline X

        It’s easy keep them in the hallway… It works cause then it forces me to get out of bed … I generally wake up naturally…

        • Sarah Haykel

          I like that, “wake up naturally.” OK, I am in!

  2. Jacqueline B.

    Maybe I should answer the questions posed… duh?… Being touched by grace feels like you changed something for someone else and they changed something for you. There is oneness… very profound oneness and encouragement. Grace shows up for me with blessed words from other people. The words that encourage you to stay on course, that all is well, that there is no coincidence, and the ah ha moment, that as you watch it unfold and transform right before your eyes you think to yourself… Wow the DIVINE CREATOR wants to affirm and confirm what he has been hinting to me all day or all week or all month etc… Grace is a blessing!

  3. sjkennedy72

    These glimpses into our true nature as unconditionally loving beings are when we “see the light!”


    • Sarah

      Yes I, truly. How about this: “When we Be the light.”

      • sjkennedy72

        to be or not to be…


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