The Great Blue Heron Collection

Decorative Wall Art By Sarah Haykel


Why the Great Blue Heron?

The Great Blue Heron is an inspiring creature in nature that fills me with awe and excitement every time I see one. Can you relate?

In the summer of 2019, when I decided to get back into ceramics, the first piece I was to make was a “slab” piece, out of a flat piece of clay. Having no idea what I’d do, when I heard the assignment from the class instructors, I instantly saw a long wall hanging with a Great Blue Heron carved onto the surface of the clay. This would be my first ceramic art piece, after 16 years away from clay, and would begin The Great Blue Heron Series of elegant, calming and inspiring ceramic wall hangings.

Browse the gallery above and below for all of the pieces available for purchase. If a piece is out of stock and you wish to purchase it, please contact me by clicking here and we can discuss recreating a similar piece or custom designing a piece from a special image of nature that’s near and dear to your heart or as a gift for a loved one!

I look forward to being in touch. Sincerely, Sarah

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