Group Latin Partner Dance Class 

Group Latin Partner Dance Class
Six (6) Week Session Begins October 24th


Would you like to learn how to partner dance?

You’ve found the right place!

Monday, October 24th, we begin a six-week group Latin partner dance class series for beginners and one for intermediate students with Jerome Williams and I.


Learning how to dance is one of the greatest joys of my life. It’s a great way to learn about yourself, your partner, get some exercise, express yourself and have fun in a community of like minded people.

In our beginners session, we’ll focus on two weeks of merengue dancing, the easiest of the Latin dances, where you’ll learn a lot of your foundational techniques. Then, we’ll move into bachata dancing for two weeks and finish with two weeks of salsa on1 dancing.

For the intermediate session, we will start with a little merengue and bachata and then mainly focus on salsa dancing for the last three to four classes. This class is designed to get you moving smoothly and fluidly on the dance floor with the correct technique and timing to the music so you can add more moves with ease and enjoy your time dancing with many different people!

And, I’ve added a grand finale party at the end of the last class, so you can stay and practice your moves, ask questions and dance with us!

We welcome couples that want to learn with each other as well as individual dancers, though singles are encouraged to sign up with a friend they can dance with during class, and practice with in between classes, which is more important than just coming to weekly classes! If you come solo, we will do our best to partner you up with other solo dancers during the class.

Click the button below to go to our registration page and sign up for the class section that is right for you.



If you have any questions, click here to send me an email.

See you October 24th!

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