Have You Reclaimed Your Feminine Power?

In the Feminine Power course, they said, “You will be unrecognizable when this course is over.”  They were right. 


Back, in August of 2010, when I first began a seven week version of the Feminine Power course,  followed by the nine month mastery course, co-created by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, I had no idea how this course would change my life, my beliefs and lay the groundwork for a much healthier, resolute and open version of myself.   


The thought of being 100% self-responsible for myself, my life, how I experienced things and the choices I was making was not even in my purview.  Self-responsible?  What???!!!!  Neither was the thought or idea that old beliefs were running my life and creating unsavory and unwanted situations that kept repeating over and over again making life seem unbearable, unfair and down right horrible at times!  And, had I any clue that there were different “parts” of myself that had different fears, needs and traumas they were dealing with that at any given time could be running the show of my life?  Not until I learned this in the Feminine Power course.  And, the seeds that led to a major awakening in 2011 and a new belief about my belongingness to and within Life itself may have definitely been planted through the work I did in this course.


One particular night stands out to demonstrate the efficacy of tools I learned through the Feminine Power course.  At the time, I was in the section of the course, which was divided up into three parts: Self, Life and Others, where it dealt with my relationship with others.  Encouraged to practice these tools throughout that next week at home, at work and in all of our relationships, I experienced a massive shift at work because of this.  


At the time I was working as wait staff at a fine dining restaurant, where I felt as if I wasn’t being treated fairly, like the other waitstaff were, and I was going through a rough time where I didn’t feel like I was “a part of” the team.  A lack of trust permeated my relationships with the host’s, who were responsible for seating my section, which meant to me, at the time, that they were responsible for how much money I’d make each night. Oftentimes I’d feel like everyone else would get the better tables, the hopping sections, and would make a ton of money as a result, but I was left out to get the “other tables.”  Then, this one Friday night I went in and chose to practice some of the tools from the Feminine Power course to change the way I felt with the hosts, the other waitstaff and the customers.  


One tool I learned was to say, inside myself, every time I saw someone, “I am their partner, they are my partner, we are partners.”  So, with the hosts that evening, I started internally saying this as a mantra each time I saw them in the restaurant or when we’d walk by each other.  As the night went on, I noticed an opening, a softer feeling towards them and even a sense of joy with the host’s.  I felt relaxed and less tense about who they sat in my section, when and how many people they’d give me that night.  I’d taken on the belief that “we are partners.  They are my partners.  We’re working together.”  It changed my whole attitude towards them, myself and the other wait staff.   


Then, in the middle of the evening, I imagined what the teachers of Feminine Power called a “chord of connection” connecting all of our hearts, every single person, staff and customer, in that restaurant at that moment.  Suddenly, I felt connected to everyone.  I didn’t feel like an outsider.  As a result, this inspired image came into my head.  I saw that there was a big pot of gold that all the wait staff in the restaurant were putting money INTO and taking money OUT of, including myself.  We all SHARED this wealth, it was no one particular person’s and it was everyone’s at the same time!  These new thoughts and perspectives made me feel SO MUCH BETTER and I was able to enjoy working there.  


From that night on, I felt good at that restaurant.  The Big A-Ha moment from this experience?  By changing myself on the inside: my thoughts, beliefs and perspectives, the world around me changes or I feel good inside myself regardless of what is happening in the world around me.  Such a liberating and  life changing experience where I no longer had to blame others or life’s circumstances for how I felt.  I knew I had a say, I could make choices and take actions to make my situation better or even just change beliefs, thoughts and attitudes, which elicited such a great shift in my experience inside myself and in the world.  

Now, I must mention a DISCLAIMER here.  This practice is NOT to be used to rationalize or deny an unhealthy, unsafe or abusive environment or relationship.  If people are getting harmed emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, psychically, etc., that is a totally different type of situation and requires other tools and actions to deal with.  What I’m emphasizing above is the ability to get out of our own sh*t to take care of ourselves and feel good in our lives instead of blaming others, ourselves or the circumstances we experience for our current state of mind, health or wealth.  Does this make sense?  


Although it’s been many years since I took this course, and some of the core staff have changed, along with some of the teachings, I’d assume, as things naturally evolve, I would highly recommend dipping a toe into the water of Feminine Power.  Life changing! 



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