How Well Do You Listen and Respond?

Do you hear it, that subtle voice, guidance, motivation to do, say, create something that comes from within?  


That’s our “Inner Guidance System” (IGS) at work, which I call God.  Whatever you call it doesn’t matter as much as how you listen to it. 

I know this guidance is always here, telling me what to do or what not to do next.

How do I know it’s really my “IGS” guiding me and not some rabble rouser, false self, or inner critic guiding me? 

It’s an exploration.  How will you discern?  

Empowering Questions for Contemplation: 

What’s important about listening and responding to this inner knower? 

How will you listen and respond more today?

Get in on the conversation and leave a comment below!  I want to hear your thoughts, and we always get so much more out of being in a conversation together!

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